Testing Anyone?

The Commissar has designed a test of your Sociability Quotient as a blogger. You can add this to your collection of online processes for rating yourself as a blogger.

Introspection seems to be part and parcel of the blogging experience and tests, some humorous and some helpful, are a natural part of the continually expanding blogging experience. But, I think the self-rating process can go so far as to become counter productive.

For example, creating a web site with your Myers-Briggs test results displayed seems to be like attending a cocktail party with your name and vital statistics on a badge. It seems to me that your words and pictures tell people more about you than any self-evaluation results.

On the other hand, those sites that are part of the world’s largest unmoderated internet group therapy session may be right on target in showing Myers-Briggs results in a prominent place. I can see the slogans now…”INTJs Unite! We have nothing to lose but our….”

I have promised the Commissar that I will work on a test that provides uniformly flattering results to all comers. This will be a challenge.

Stay tuned…

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