Testing Anyone?

The Commissar has designed a test of your Sociability Quotient as a blogger. You can add this to your collection of online processes for rating yourself as a blogger.

Introspection seems to be part and parcel of the blogging experience and tests, some humorous and some helpful, are a natural part of the continually expanding blogging experience. But, I think the self-rating process can go so far as to become counter productive.

For example, creating a web site with your Myers-Briggs test results displayed seems to be like attending a cocktail party with your name and vital statistics on a badge. It seems to me that your words and pictures tell people more about you than any self-evaluation results.

On the other hand, those sites that are part of the world’s largest unmoderated internet group therapy session may be right on target in showing Myers-Briggs results in a prominent place. I can see the slogans now…”INTJs Unite! We have nothing to lose but our….”

I have promised the Commissar that I will work on a test that provides uniformly flattering results to all comers. This will be a challenge.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Marie says:

    Looking forward to it….

  2. Denny says:

    I know the MBTI, based on the intuitive insights of Jung, long before 99% of what is known about the brain was discovered, is thought to be revealing by many, even useful. But I believe there is an unappreciated downside to this business of typing people. When you think of yourself as a type, you stop thinking of yourself as a person with the potential for the qualities associated with other “types.” This is horribly self-limiting. We have different preferences, yes, but each of us has a whole brain with the potential to use any of its functions whenever we choose. We are all fully human. We can stretch beyond our comfort zone whenever necessary to exhibit the fullness of our humanity. Even someone who is strictly logical most of the time can be warm, sensitive and charismatic on occasion. Like the grinch who says no to apple pie because of what all that sugar can do to the body, I hate this typing stuff.

  3. David says:

    I agree completely.

    What we do and say is far more important than any label applied to us by others. Assigning oneself a label, even humorously, tends to limit our free scope of activity.

    Labels can be thought of as a shortcut for those who like to see life as consisting of things in neatly labelled compartments. (e.g. “Those over there are Republicans, these are Agnostics, the ones over here are tree-huggers, etc…)

    Life cannot be so simply categorized. And it should not be.

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