I’m still not organized yet, but…

I’m making progress, and this is definitely one of those cases where the journey is more significant than the destination. While organizing my office yesterday, I had this long overdue realization:

Cleaning my desk is like trying to keep an ocean beach clean and tidy. It only works at low tide.

When I am in the midst of a surge of creativity, the notes and sketches I generate quickly cover my desk. References get pulled from shelves and soon lie open on every available surface. If this is a single project, the tide goes out and my desk gets cleared off before the next wave of creative effort.

To continue the metaphor of desktop as beach, multiple projects occuring in rapid succession have the effect of an information tsunami. My desktop, shelves and the nearby floor are quickly buried in unfiled documents and sketches. Putting in order requires a lull in the storm of projects and that hasn’t been occurring.

There is always an answer and I will find it. Perhaps I will enlist a crew to run a bulldozer through here on a daily basis…

I knew I am not alone in this and I chanced upon a triple weblog site which provided an instructive example. The author, who identifies herself only as J, has no shortage of creativity as she has begun three blogs involving sketches and writing. She too has not figured out how to put enough hours in a day to manage as well as create.

I hope she does, because her sketches are amusing.

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