Spam Update – Is there a change for the better?

On October 22, I posted an account of the spam I was receiving. Today, only 58 days later, I have an update that seems to show an encouraging trend.

Account Statistics

Messages Processed 26912
Messages Forwarded 2601
Messages Blocked 24311

Messages Processed 30772
Messages Forwarded 2959
Messages Blocked 27819

These reports from Spamarrest shows that in the past 58 days, I have received 3502 spam emails and have received 358 legitimate emails.

The good news is that my spam seems to be dropping off slightly. It has fallen from a high of 100 a day to approximately 60 a day.

The best news of all is that new correspondents seem to be better at handling the challenge-response screening required on their first email.

Is anyone else experiencing a downtrending trend in spam?

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