They also work…..

This is a store cat in Fork Union, Virginia. Although he looks like a feline “Attila the Hun”, he is 20 pounds of muscular gentleness.

He greets customers by day and guards the grain warehouse against mice at night. He can usually be found on the highest stack of 50 pound bags in the warehouse

I admire animals that serve a useful function.

Unfortunately, they seem to be outnumbered by animals that behave like spoiled children. There may be a lesson here, because some owners and parents have no clue on raising sane animals or children, having never understood that you get the behavior you reward. To be fair, the average pet may experience the same kind of stress as a cubical worker, long periods of intense boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.

Fortunately, some animals and children seem to develop excellent social skills even in the least supportive environments. I have seen many working dogs and they are a delight to be around. It is much rarer to see working cats.

There are many cats which are great company, but they go to pieces in the presence of outsiders. For example, in the past eleven years, my two cats have only been seen by the vet and a handful of trusted family members. They operate almost entirely in stealth mode except when it’s time for supper.

Fortunately, there are animals like Butterscotch, above, who set a better example.

I would like to hear of other animals which serve voluntarily at some post. There must be hundreds out there…yes?

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  1. Linda says:

    My siter-in-law bred Siamese cats. Her tom, Sonny, did more than just his…erm…propagation duties. He’d patrol the premises at night, and kill mice and rats. He even, to show his deep affection for my SIL, hunted rock chucks. He’d carry them in, and leave them in easy to find places, like the floor in front of the shower (so she’d find it when she stepped out! Mmmm. Breakfast…), or on the pillow next to her head.

    Also, oddly, he was really good with the kittens he sired. Most toms can’t be trusted around kittens, but Sonny would groom them, and nap with them, as well as making sure that all these little blue-eyed purebreds knew how to hunt for themselves, how to use the litterbox, and how to open cabinets to get to the cat food.

    Thinking about that cat always makes me laugh. He was a character. My SIL still misses him. His end came when he got in between a rattlesnake and my brother’s dog.

    RIP, Sonny.

  2. Bill Sargent says:

    Butterscotch would like all to know that his particular fancy is the James River General Store that caters to best clients in Fluvana and Buckingham counties.

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