Data Knight 365 – who are these people and why would Floyd do business with them?

When I first read in the paper that the Floyd County Economic Development Authority was announcing plans for a data center, I thought, "How nice! That will mean jobs for our citizens!"

After using Google and Google maps for an hour, I really wonder if our trusting local people are being taken for a ride.

I hope that our Floyd County Economic Development people have actually visited the world headquarters of Data Knight 365 aka Power Direct Marketing, because I took a Google tour of their headquarters neighborhood and looked at a company profile and I was not impressed.

Look at these photos of 4805 Pearl Rd in Cleveland Ohio and tell me
what confidence level you would have in an organization with its
headquarters on this street. The building is a modest one story office building called the McIntyre Center with no signage for Power Marketiing or Data Knight.

This appears to be 4805 Pearl Rd according to Google Maps.


The two images below show the opposite side of the street at 4804 Pearl Rd.



The image below is looking Northeast on Pearl Rd. It looks a bit like Williamson Rd NW in Roanoke. Not the place you would look for a company that has access to $25 Mil and is willing to invest it in Floyd.

4812pearl looking NE


Above and below are near 4816 Pearl Rd




After I took the pictures you see above, I toured Pearl Rd from Stickney to Fulton and found used car lots, restaurants, churches, schools and homes. For a 15 year old company, they are keeping a low profile. They may have big dreams, but it would appear that they will need to use other people's money.

I would hesitate to invest in them as it looks as if they have barely enough money to rent a suite in The Station on Locust, let alone make a $25 Million investment in Floyd County Commerce Center.

Here is a company profile from Manta. Does this sound like a company that can successfully establish a business in Floyd? I fear that they will attempt to raise money and get tax and rent concessions and we will have nothing to show for it in six months.

If someone has real data on this company, I would be happy to review and discuss it, but the lack of a credible track record and a real business address has me wondering why we are dealing with these people.

The only positive data I could find was this:

Norwalk, CT (March 3, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC (News – Alert)) today announced Customer Interaction Solutions magazine’s twenty-third Annual Top 50 Inbound Teleservices Agencies Ranking and #29 was Power Direct, Inc.

The TMC site looked more like a link farm than a legitimate business site, but Power Direct was #29 on their list.

I found it disquieting that a well-known firm like Harte-Hanks (NYSE: HHS), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, a worldwide direct marketing and call center company, does not appear on the TMC list.

For more information about this company and its management read the intriguing Data Center Article by Doug Thompson.

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0 Responses to Data Knight 365 – who are these people and why would Floyd do business with them?

  1. Brad says:

    Just curious, did you send what you found to the Floyd County EDA. or put something in your local paper? Then again a friend of mine started MindSpring which later became Earth Link. That company in the early years ran out of the basement of a suburban home.

  2. mattbg says:

    David, just a thought… it is sometimes a strategy to keep data centres plain and inconspicuous because they are potential targets for mischief. One major company I used to work for put no identification on its data centers for this reason. They were not in any way identified as belonging to the company from the street, even though it was owned by the company (not leased or outsourced)… just a plain, non-descript building.

  3. Matt,

    The only thing that these people do as far as I can determine is to operate a call center and produce door hangers. (Those paper fliers that people hang on your doorknob.)

    I have searched a few data center lists and they are nowhere to be found. Data centers promote their capabilities, these people seem to be operating in stealth mode.

    I doubt that they could answer the first question about a server farm or what hardware and software they run.

    My first question would be, “Can you produce a list of contacts at firms using your data centers?”

  4. Jeff Blakley says:


    What you wrote was true in 1999 and 2000. It isn’t true any longer. The small fish are gone and the big boys are slugging it out, now. If what you wrote was still true, it certainly wouldn’t take $25MM to establish a data center. $1MM would be more than enough.


    Security is an issue, of course. But security is not a big budget item, relatively speaking. A much bigger concern would be hacking, not physical security.

    These people want to use OPM (other people’s money) to line their pockets. Legitimate business people do not behave in the manner Doug Thompson has described in his series of articles.

  5. Concerned Victim says:

    To All,
    What ever you do, DO NOT do any sort of business with this company. They are con artists and believe me, my family knows this from experience. Look up their last business called BTi (B Telecom, Inc.). The owner of BTi (and now Black Knight 365) is under federal investigation. You may also want to research Dan Delfino, the “President/CEO” of Power Direct, Don Sabin, Stephen Henry (from Oakland Deposit Bank) and Paul Allen (owner; Geauga County, Ohio) in court records. All four, especially the last, will take advantage of anyone and everyone, so please be careful and stay clear!

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