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I may not be a doctor, but I get to play one in the Rose Garden?

We are accustomed to see people in white coats selling us nostrums on TV, so we shouldn't be surprised to see the White House using a similar tactic to sell the Health Care bill. Yesterday, our Campaigner-in-Chief held another Photo … Continue reading

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Concerning the “Death Panels” in H.R. 3200

Sarah Palin has written a detailed response to Obama's fervent denial that the mandatory end of life counseling in H.R.3200 is nothing like a "Death Panel". Her article on Facebook is titled, Concerning the "Death Panels" and it contains exact … Continue reading

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Any more stimulus and we will be using these…

This is the low-emission vehicle that will replace the Harleys and other vehicles we used to enjoy. The much-vaunted Stimulus Bill has managed to give money to every crackpot alternative energy scheme, while ignoring tested alternative energy like nuclear and … Continue reading

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Lack of confidence in the Administration continues

Are we moving toward a cash and carry economy? I see friends emptying 401Ks to pay off credit cards and others who are seriously discussing bankruptcy after extended periods of being unemployed. Their confidence levels mirror the downward path of … Continue reading

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