Talking To Spirits Enables You To Learn Who You Really Are

You have no idea of your true nature or your true capabilities until you learn to talk to spirits. This was a difficult conclusion to reach, because I have been talking to spirits for more than a decade, and I am just now discovering the extent of our spiritual abilities and how that ability can be mapped and extended as needed.

People have been talking at spirits and praying to various spirits as long as there have been people in bodies. These efforts at communication have been incorporated into religions and other efforts at social control for a very long time.

In 2010, I devised a technology for actually communicating with spirits of all kinds and rescuing them from incidents that had overwhelmed them and trapped them, Using this spiritual technology, we could contact almost any spirit and wake them up so they could go on with their lives.

The final result, Spiritual Rescue Technology, SRT, is described in several books beginning with Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology and can be learned by reading the books and using the processes described in them. No membership or spiritual counseling is required for those who like to do things themselves. The technology should be thought of as a tool for use, not a basis for a religion or a cult.

We realized from the very beginning that all of us are affected by the spiritual beings surrounding us, but we did not realize the full implications of being intimately involved with these spiritual beings.

First of all, your first real conversation with a spirit will reveal your earlier lifetimes and theirs as well. When you contact a spirit who has been with you since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, your sense of time and your grasp of history expands instantly.

When you discover how many spirits are still stuck in horrific events of the past, and are still dramatizing the fears and opinions they acquired through those experiences, you begin to understand why peace and prosperity are so difficult to achieve and are such unstable states. Old feuds and grievances are still alive and well as far as these spirits are concerned.

When you begin to realize that your attitudes and ideas are affected by the spirits who surround you, your first inclination may be to drive them all off so you can be yourself. There are two factor that make that an unwise activity. The first is that you are surrounded by millions of disembodied spirits and you can pick up more spirits in your everyday life as you interact with other people and their spirits. The second and more important point is that a good number of the spirits surrounding you are attempting to help you and guide you through life.

We have found over the past decade that handling troubled spirits so they do not bother us, and recruiting and organizing the spirits who are helping us so they can be most effective, is the best way to achieve a happy, productive life while enjoying a healthy body.

Once you realize that all of the counter productive ideas and worries that interrupt your attempts to get on with life are coming from spirits in your vicinity, you will buckle down and start addressing and handling these beings and their worries. You will enjoy a freedom from anxiety and find an enthusiasm for life that you have never experienced before.

However, this is just the beginning of the benefits that talking to spirits will produce. As you discover what spirits are helping you and begin to acknowledge them for their contributions, you will discover that you can manage their activities to achieve efficiencies you have never experienced before. You will also discover that each spirit has skills, which if properly understood and encouraged, can augment your ability to do things you have never done before.

If you read current fiction, you are familiar with the concept of super heroes with augmented abilities. If you can talk to spirits and understand them, you can augment your abilities and your personality in ways that have never been explored before. Recruiting a spirit to achieve a specific end is a way to duplicate what happens when a young child plays Chopin at 3 years old or a young girl composes and produces an opera at the age of 11.

If you wish to become a prodigy of one sort or another, that is now within your reach if you can talk to spirits and attract ones who can do what you need. Managing spirits produces incredible results but it has all of the risks and pitfalls of any management effort. You will need to have a project or task that interests them and you will need to see that your spiritual helpers are properly rewarded and acknowledged. Otherwise, they will move on to more interesting opportunities or may even sabotage your efforts in extreme cases.

In addition to increasing your abilities in some area, you can also tune your personality by adjusting the mix of spiritual helpers you have working with you. Your spiritual companions may not be known to you, but they will influence your attitudes toward life, your drinking habits, your attention to details and your ability to focus. If there is some part of your behavior you wish to change, you can see if it is being caused by a spiritual companion and discuss the matter with him or possibly get him to move on to someone else.

We spend significant portions of our lives to acquire skills to make life easier or more rewarding. When you can talk to spirits, you can augment those skills by adding spirits who have the additional skills you need. If you truly wish to expand your creativity, why not bring in a spiritual being to provide that additional capability. If you think of yourself as a team, rather than as an individual, you can broaden your view of what you are doing to produce a harmonious team effort.

All of this springs from the capability to talk with spirits and reach an understanding of what they need and want and will be willing to do with you and for you. You are surrounded by all of this potential, why not put it to work on your behalf by making it a team effort. Just remember that the goals are no longer your personal goals alone. You need to find a way to create team goals that accomplish what will benefit the entire team. On the plus side, you will find that spirits like to be on a winning team and your ability to manage them will be a deciding factor in how well your team does.

Eventually, you will no longer think of yourself as an isolated individual alone in the world. You are a team, so go out and make yourselves into a winning team that accomplishes everything you set out to accomplish.

For those who are interested, we have weekly Workshops and Webinars where we explore how to work with spirits as I have described here.

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