How far can we push the envelope?

I asked a client today if it was OK if I helped her to become more than human.

This question set off all sorts of spiritual fireworks. She was OK with the idea, but there were spirits who felt this wasn’t fair, and others who resisted the idea strongly as it was not allowed, and others who were fearful of what would happen.

I was using the term human to be someone who was limited to using only the five senses.

I explained that someone who could use all of their perceptions was operating at a much higher level than an ordinary earth person who could only experience what they could see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

The more than human person can go from intention to result with no effort. For many people, this would be considered magic.

It is quite simple actually, if you can perceive intentions, you can detect and handle opposing intentions instead of efforting to get a desired result. You intend it and it happens as you intend it to happen.

This kind of magic can be learned and once achieved, makes life much more enjoyable.

You can even intend that your desired result will be acceptable to those around you, but this takes more training and maybe a little coaching from someone who has mastered the skill of helping others.

We can discuss this in our workshop today if time permits.

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