Free Workshop 3-14-20 – Finding A Common Point Of View With Someone You Despise

The real point of this workshop is to show you how to free up some of your valuable life force. If you have not realized it before, every incident you still have your attention fixed upon is tying up some of your attention units and therefore your life force.

When you do not have a care in the world, you have maximized your free will and are free to start and stop any activity you choose at any time. If you are suppressing painful memories or putting certain memories out of your mind, you are tying up attention units you could be using to create your life.

Now, let us suppose there is someone in your current life or even in your past whom you despise. This would be someone who acts hateful to you for reasons you do not understand. There are probably more than one of these people in your life, so select the one that has the most effect on you.

You are going to run a reach and withdraw process on this person and on the beings who are making him act in despicable ways. You must run the process while staying in present time and you must include the hateful beings in your reach. You must continue the reaching and withdrawing until you can freely “BE” the hateful person and the beings who make him act in hateful ways.

You will probably not be able to do this as a solo session action unless you have years of experience, so be prepared to twin up with someone else and do the reach and withdraw as a team action.

Make sure you do not stay reaching too long when you first start. Withdrawal allows you to recover from the effort and confusions of the reaching activity.

You will know when you reaching is producing results because you will have sudden realization why this person feels justified in treating you badly. You may also realize that you have had some part in causing the person to begin doing despicable things.

You may also find that you have beings who are participating in maintaining the friction between yourself and the person you despise.

You will know when you are done with this problem because you will no longer be troubled by the person or your history with him.

If you would like to become cause over situations like this, join me on Saturday at 12 noon on Zoom using this link:

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