Anthropogenic Global Warming – a modern Piltdown Man hoax?

The "science" of climate change as expressed by non-scientist Al Gore and his adherents seems remarkably similar to an earlier hoax, the famous Piltdown Man "discovered" in 1912. The staging is remarkably similar. Conclusions are/were based on falsified data, people with important names supported the hoax, and the hoax was perpetrated by individuals seeking publicity and public recognition.

There are other similarities:

Once the Piltdown hoax was accepted by the Geological Society of London, there was great resistance to coming to grips with the truth.  Acceptance of the fact that it was a hoax took over 40 years.

The AGW hoax has been accepted by the UN and our current administration. Scorn is still being cast on those who question authority.  Well, there are a growing number of highly qualified skeptics who are casting light on questionable altering of data by AGW supporters.

Piltdown Man

The fragments of the Piltdown Man were thought by many experts of the day to be the fossilized remains of a hitherto unknown form of early human. It turned out to be a clever hoax by Charles Dawson, who craved recognition and membership in the prestigious Royal Society.

Approximately 1915, French paleontologist Marcellin Boule concluded the jaw was from an ape. Similarly, American zoologist Gerrit Smith Miller concluded Piltdown's jaw came from a fossil ape.

In 1923, Franz Weidenreich examined the remains and correctly reported that they consisted of a modern human cranium and an orangutan jaw with filed-down teeth. Weidenreich, being an anatomist, had easily exposed the hoax for what it was. However, it took until 1953 for the scientific community to concede that Weidenreich was correct.

Anthropogenic Global Warming

In our modern hoax, the world is heating up, the seas are rising, and the glaciers are MELTING!!!
Only the application of money and suppression of industry will save us.

The few grains of truth are buried in a sea of falsified and altered data which more and more real scientists are exposing. The links to both sides of the argument can easily be found using Google.

Take the matter of glaciers melting. That is actually true as you can see from this chart. They have been melting ever since the 1700's.  Draw your own conclusions. (click to enlarge)

For the entire article go to:

I think that the sun is the primary driver of climate change and we will see a continuing fall in global temperatures during the decade 2010 – 2020. I am planning to stack away all the firewood I can. If we see a warming trend, I will welcome the longer growing season.

Thanks to The Englishman for the original link.

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