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A useful graph for assessing the progress of Coronavirus Disease 2019

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Original Edward Snowden letter published on A Folha today

I think we will look back on his actions as the turning point in our relationship to our highest elected officials. I hope that I would have the same courage he had when it becomes my turn to speak up. … Continue reading

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The Freedom for Virginians Act website is up

Freedom For Virginians Act (FFVA) The Freedom For Virginians Act (FFVA) is a proposed piece of state legislation that allows the Commonwealth of Virginia to become a bastion of freedom and protect the citizens of this Commonwealth from unconstitutional Federal … Continue reading

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Games Billionaires play and the media outrage that follows

David-koch-web The New York Times has discovered that billionaires are supporting the Tea Party Movement! Whoop-de doo!

According to them that's practically illegal!  Oh! The horror of it all!

They are hyperventilating about the Koch brothers who have donated money to more conservative causes and organizations than I knew existed.

A concerned reader even sent me links describing the "outrageous" actions of the Koch brothers. How dare they contribute to the Tea Party movement!

I told her they are the right wing counterparts to George Soros and the Sandlers who donate money to left wing and socialistic causes.

I feel that it's a good thing that we have billionaires contributing to conservative agendas as well as progressive and socialist agendas. It keeps the game interesting for those of us who are trying to keep score.

Charles-koch-web The NYT, which is our favorite poster child for dead-tree media has conveniently overlooked the fact that billionaires and ordinary people tend to support causes that they believe in. Duh! Maybe those NYT writers should get out more and talk to people outside their little circle of friends.

People tend to support those who are in agreement with their ideas of how things should be.





David Koch is shown at the top, Charles Koch is shown at right, and Geaoge Soros is shown at the bottom left.

If you would like a quick overview of the organizations supported by the Koch brothers vs those supported by George Soros, just read further.


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