Exploring Knowledge, Responsibility, And Control In Managing Spirits

Our research has established the existence of many spirits who share our space and interact with us in many different ways. We also established the desirability of managing these spirits, so their actions are harmoniously coordinated and produce results that forward our interests.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish and expand our knowledge, then to take responsibility and finally to exert control to bring about the necessary changes required. This cycle of acquiring knowledge, taking responsibility, and executing control is repeated over and over again until the objectives are attained.

Management is the act of creating and maintaining an environment wherein the members of a group can work together and achieve desired objectives efficiently and effectively. This is not a one-step activity, nor is it necessarily a top-down activity where all command and control actions take place at the very top level.

Ideally, an organization should have an awareness of its overall goals and objectives at every level in the organization. In addition, at every level in the organization, there should be an awareness of the goals and objectives of the levels immediately above and below that level so that actions performed are coordinated harmoniously with those levels.

For top performance, there needs to be an awareness of outside threats and opportunities at every point in the organization, and a means to distribute this knowledge to the rest of the organization so it can be acted upon.

The creation of an organization with these attributes will require the collection of data, assignment of roles, and execution of tasks, and this is best performed in a repeating cycle until the final objective is attained.

Each of us is a group of spirits who have accumulated over many lifetimes. Since we are all immortal beings, the group has been together for a very long time. New members are being added constantly, and old members drop away when we are no longer doing things that interest them. If we communicate with our spiritual companions every day, we can stay abreast of what they are interested in and wish to share with us.

If we consider that we are shepherds for our flock of spirits, we keep our attention on how they are doing, and we take responsibility for the changes that are needed and are occurring to them. Our spiritual companions exhibit many different levels of life force and have many levels of awareness also. Some beings have advanced degrees and led truly challenging lives in the past. In order to keep them around, we need to be doing challenging and interesting projects. We also have beings who animate individual cells. Learning what they need and providing what they need to thrive will keep our bodies operational for as long as we need them.

Regulating and directing activities is how we get the results we need, but this direction will only produce desired results if we have accumulated the correct knowledge and taken responsibility for actually getting the job done as planned.

If we, as the managers of our spiritual companions, do not apply this triangle of knowledge, responsibility, and control to our lives, we are subject to the whims and distractions posed by every new being who shows up and tries to take over. A being will arrive or will decide that the time is right to break away from the established routine, and we will receive an impulse to take some action to change our life. If we are good managers, we will only adopt those changes that will improve conditions. If we do not manage, we will find ourselves following some impulse that we will regret later.

Abdicating responsibility and control of your life and allowing stray spirits to call the shots can result in your ending up in a situation worse than the one you were in. Being alone and friendless is not the worst that can happen. Those who end up in jail or institutionalized are examples of failing to take responsibility for and failing to control your actions.

With all of the beings available to you on a continuing basis, try to choose those who can help you live better, and achieve true happiness. Repeat the cycle of applying knowledge, responsibility, and control until you achieve your objectives.

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