Would You Rather Be Considered A Source Or A Channel?

(This is the result of an early morning realization.)

I am inviting you to broaden your view of your spiritual activity. You have been taught that being the source of knowledge or power is a desirable activity. Sometimes leaders claim they are the true source of information to distinguish themselves from those who are only followers or imitators.

From recent discoveries, I consider that to be a limiting state of mind. When you are the source, you own and are responsible for everything that occurs. Any mistakes and shortcomings have to be caused by others or you will invalidate your status as source.

When you understand the true state of affairs in the spiritual and material world, you may begin to understand that you are actually a channel for other spirits that you can manage to produce any output you wish. You channel the ideas and intentions of a host of spiritual beings, and you manage the output to produce the effects you want. If you know what you are channeling and take responsibility for what is produced, you can control what is produced to create any effect that you wish.

People who have learned how to channel other spirits make an impact on the world. Gandhi’s quotes contain timeless wisdom. The Dalai Lama’s quotes show the same kind of wisdom from other sources. Alma Deutscher channels musical creativity from earlier composers. There are probably thousands more who freely acknowledge the fact they are channeling ideas from others who lived before.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we discover that we are not single beings animating a body, but a virtual horde of beings making up a composite personality and that sanity comes from managing the group of beings to produce a desirable effect on others and on the physical universe. 

Those who deny they are a channel or a conduit for the ideas and impulses of others, are actually abdicating the role of manager to other beings in their group. When this occurs, external events can trigger behavior that does not fit the pattern the person has established. At this point, we, on the outside, will see a change in the person’s behavior and personality. The person can try to restrain himself from repeating the aberrant behavior, but if the remedy does not involve communicating with the spiritual being causing the aberrant behavior, there will be no lasting change.

I will repeat the key points because they are crucial to understanding aberrant behavior. 

Behavior is driven by an individual spirit or a cluster of spirits, not necessarily the spirit who thinks he is in charge. If a person thinks he is the only spirit running things, he is ignoring the other spirits who are constantly affecting his behavior.

When you understand that you can act as a channel for other spirits and you can manage that channel as you wish, you can select the spiritual beings who can do what is needed to accomplish your goals. If you manage the team of beings so that they understand and support joint goals, harmonious production is achieved. You are harnessing the imagination and creative power of other beings to accomplish far more than you can do unaided.

A leader gets more out of any group than the group will produce with no leadership. The quality of leadership determines the output and viability of the group. There are many different leadership styles from autocratic to democratic to visionary, and you need to develop a style that suits your needs.

The first step is to recognize that you have a group to lead. Once you have accepted that, you can apply your management skills to turn the group into an organization that can get things done. There is no limit on the beings you can recruitso the sky is the limit once you realize you are managing a channel of spiritual activity.

Hope this helps.

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