A suitable musical tribute to this very odd year of 2020

My attention was drawn to an image titled 2020: The Musical. Just looking at the sheet music, I felt it was a fitting theme for this challenging year of 2020.
The actual title of the piece is Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz by John Stump written in 2010. This almost unplayable viral composition is actually a musical joke by a very talented composer with a twisted sense of humor.
If you look at the sheet music you will see that the real story is in the annotations and it is hard to believe that any group could perform it. However, where there is a challenge, someone will usually find a way to meet it, and you can see a video of a group performing Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz and following the annotations almost to the letter here. https://youtu.be/sCgT94A7WgI
For maximum enjoyment, grab a beverage and read the annotations while watching the video.

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