The Meadows – a treasure trove of casual clothing in Floyd

There is a special feeling about a small clothing store that offers carefully selected lines of clothing and real personal service. Shopping in one of these stores and finding that they carry what you need is a pleasure moment that you remember for a long time.

We are fortunate to have one of these clothing stores here in Floyd, Virginia. This converted house is called The Meadows and it is located on Route 8 opposite the Harvest Moon.

Recently I needed some walking shoes and after weeks of browsing in stores in surrounding cities, I thought of The Meadows and wondered if Barbara had something I could use.

In my first five minutes at The Meadows I found a pair of Merrill walking shoes  which fit better than any shoes I have purchased in recent years. I am delighted that she had them, but I am crestfallen that it has taken me so long to discover the full range of what she does offer.

Barbara_DeRemer Owner Barbara DeRemer has created a unique shopping experience for men and women looking for quality outer wear, organic cotton clothing and Merrill shoes at reasonable prices.

Her shop has room after room of tasteful casual clothing at reasonable prices. The Meadows carries brand names like Smartwool, Columbia and Woolrich as well as jewelry by local artists.

There is also a sales room with 30-50% discounts. The hours are 1-5 Monday and Tuesday and 10-5 Wednesday through Saturday.

The_Meadows_2I have been shopping for gifts at The Meadows ever since it opened in January 2006 and have never failed to find something appropriate for the recipient. Barbara's advice often came in handy when I could not make a decision. However, I have never really checked out all of the lines of merchandise she offered.

Like many guys, I go shopping, find the things I need, and then leave. This means that there were, and are, all sorts of clothes in The Meadows that I have never looked at.

The_Meadows_4The_Meadows-blog-sizeIt's time I remedied that lack of information.

If you would like to learn more about The Meadows, click on the thumbnail to see an article from the Floyd Press.
Here are a few more views of what The Meadows has to offer. Click on images to enlarge.

If you have not taken advantage of what The Meadows has to offer, I suggest you drop in and visit. It might just make your day.

Jewelry The_Meadows_3

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