Poor Billy’s Sushi – hospitality and good food in Blacksburg

I love good food, especially when it is served up in comfortable and hospitable surroundings.

Every so often I make the run to Mish Mish in Blacksburg, VA, for art supplies. Today I took the time to have lunch at Poor Billy's Sushi which is tucked away on the side street next to Mish Mish.

I was not in the mood for a burger so I was attracted by the sign offering a luncheon special of a sushi roll and a bowl of miso for $5.

When I walked in the door, I immediately felt at home. This is a restaurant that knows that pleasurable eating involves more than good food. It is not a fast food restaurant, but the service was quick and my California roll and miso soup were excellent.

I was greeted by Billy himself and I learned that the adjacent restaurants, Big Al's Grille and Sports Bar, Poor Billy's Seafood Restaurant, are all run by the same family.

I preferred the ambiance of the smaller Poor Billy's Sushi for my solitary lunch. It was a good choice. The place has three TV screens and all were muted with text displays. I could have watched sports, politics, or the Food Channel. I chose the Food Channel which was a fine accompaniment while dining alone.

Billy told me they were launching a Tapas menu for the dinner hour in addition to the regular menu.

One look at the Tapas offerings and I knew I would find an excuse to take Gretchen to Poor Billy's some night for Tapas. We will order a bunch of them and share.

Take a look at this excerpt from the Tapas menu or click on the thumbnail to see the whole page.Tapas-2-web

Poor Billy's Sushi, a good place for a quiet lunch.

Has anyone had a chance to try the Tapas yet?

Image credits: Big Al's Sports Bar

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