Handling unfortunate situations

There is no bad situation that cannot be made worse by whining about it and blaming others.

On the other hand, there is no situation that cannot be improved by learning more about what is causing it and actually doing something to make things go better for yourself and for your family and your community.

Possibly the best approach is to apply your creative energies to improving your life and helping those around you while keeping an eye open for situations that are getting out of hand. Concentrate on creating good effects for self and for others, but be ready to tackle unfortunate situations as they arise.

The amount of responsibility you take determines your span of control and your chances of survival. Looking out only for yourself puts you at effect from all of the rest of the world that is trying to survive too. In effect, you can put yourself in a game where everyone else, including your own family, is "against" you.

Any solution that pits "you" or "us" against "them" creates a game of force against force and reason goes out the window.

A pan-determined approach to solving life's problems takes into account what is causing others to oppose you or in the worst case to destroy you. In most cases, understanding another's viewpoint leads to better communication and eventually understanding and resolution.

Open communication solves many of the everyday upsets that you will encounter, but hugs all around is not a solution to insane or antisocial behavior on the parts of others. One can only negotiate a solution with others who also seek rational solutions.

Most of us at one time or other have encountered persons or animals who were exhibiting insane and antisocial behavior. Unless you realize that the person or animal is stuck in a dramatization of some past incident, it is impossible to see that the only hope of handling this situation is to communicate with whatever scraps of rationality still exist in the person or animal.

If there is no rationality left, the solutions are to leave, to eliminate the threat, or to succumb. Ignoring the threat and pretending that it doesn't exist invites further insanity.

A little review of family and world history will provide many examples of how few unfortunate situations have actually been resolved. Solutions always involve open communication. When that is prevented, unfortunate situations can fester for years.

Finding the true facts behind a conflict lead to a resolution. If nothing is resolving, the truth has not been found.

We are encountering many unfortunate situations on a national level. Learning the true facts is a first step in resolving them.

Meanwhile, we need to focus on keeping our businesses and families thriving. Contributing to our local community in every way possible is a good way to start.

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