Bad Indicators in a Person or Society

When you study Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can perceive a person’s spiritual companions and predict the person’s or group’s behavior by the attitudes exhibited by the spirits who accompany them. 

If you don’t believe in spirits and spirit guides, you can still predict a person’s behavior by the number of bad indicators they exhibit. Their behavior will be harmful to you in proportion to the number of bad indicators in the list below.

Suppressed Communication – you get the feeling they are hiding something from you.

Lower emotional tones; boredom, disinterest, resentment, suppressed resentment, anger, hostility, covert hostility, fear, sadness, apathy, shame, blame, regret. etc., and anything other than mild interest 

Aesthetics used to promote these lower emotional states; beautiful sadness, righteous anger, worshipful sacrifice, and glorious retribution.

Non-sequitur responses to non-threatening questions; “Do you know who I am?” when you ask politely what they need from you.

Bland justifications to accusations of wrongdoing, You ask why they did something you know is wrong, and they respond: “You aren’t from around here. Why are you stirring things up? She was asking for it!””

Blatant denial of observable and documented facts; “I did not have sex with that woman!”

The person or group exaggerates what they have done or boasts of what they have done.

The person or group is abrasive and loud.

You don’t like the person or group because they are not like you.

They have an orange complexion

It will be hard to find a person or group without at least one of these characteristics, so when trying to judge which person or group is more likely to be helpful, count up the bad indicators for each and choose the one who has fewer bad indicators.

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