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One Stop Psychic Healing and Spiritual Counseling

You can read my books and visit my websites to learn what I do and how I teach others or you can identify an unwanted emotion or physical problem and let me talk to the spirits who are causing your … Continue reading

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Unexpected Consequences of Economizing Unwisely

A friend of mine realized he was in over his head on his credit card debt and borrowed money from his IRA and paid off his cards and all outstanding bills. You would think that this action would have put … Continue reading

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21st Century Sweatshop

I am republishing this article I wrote some time ago because some of you readers should be exploring alternatives to corporate life. Becoming an entrepreneur or a professional consultant or counselor may be the answer to your future security. In … Continue reading

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Use all of your skills to offset tough economic times

Manufacturing jobs may have left the country but there are still jobs in service industries as well as in creative design occupations. You can scramble around looking for jobs like you used to have or you can take stock of … Continue reading

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