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Bad Indicators in a Person or Society

When you study Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can perceive a person’s spiritual companions and predict the person’s or group’s behavior by the attitudes exhibited by the spirits who accompany them.  If you don’t believe in spirits and spirit guides, you … Continue reading

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Using Admiration to Handle Hopeless Situations

As an opening move, let me say those hopeless situations don’t just happen. They are caused. When you find the source of the problem, a hopeless situation can be resolved. A hopeless situation is like any other unsolvable problem. It … Continue reading

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A useful graph for assessing the progress of Coronavirus Disease 2019

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Every Situation Is The Result Of A Series Of Intentions

If a person lives in a mansion on a lake, or in a tiny cabin in the woods, or in a cardboard box in an alley, they arrived in that condition through a series of intentions. If you care to … Continue reading

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