Do not wait for Angina to serve as your wake-up call

Thanks for all of your good wishes. I feel fortunate in having so many caring friends and in landing in the Coronary Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

This hospital offers everything I need. In my opinion, it is the best place to be while the competent and caring staff figures out what is going on with my heart.

For the detail-minded, they have installed three stents and are planning to install more on Thursday. This is a wake-up call to adopt a different diet, exercise program and to learn evey one of the symptoms of coronary disease and its prevention.

I am extremely fortunate that I escaped with as little damage as I did. By not recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack, I continued on my usual way and and probably caused more damage over the next few days.

A close friend of mine pointed out that I may not be in the clear even with stents installed and following an exercise program. He returned several times after his initial attack and accumulated more internal hardware and bypass surgery as well. I am  heeding his advice.

I intend to stay alert and will do everything possible to stay on top of this situation. I have lots of projects to do and have many close friends to share life with.

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