What you don’t know about your health may kill you

During the past few days, I learned that I was missing vital information concerning the care and maintenance of my body. As a result, I am blogging from the Cardiac Care Unit of the Roanoke Memorial Hospital instead of working at home.

I now know that shortness of breath and a feeling of great pressure in my upper chest and neck area was a sign that I was experiencing a heart attack early this week.

I did not have a clue at the time and I continued working at my regular pace for the next few days. When the pain returned, I realized that I had a problem. I Googled "chest pain" and learned that "Angina Pectoris" is the body's way of telling you that the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen.

When I went to my family physician, she routed me immediately to ER at Radford Hospital. After a short round of tests, they sent me on to a Roanoke Hospital which is equipped to perform heart operations.

Since my condition was stable by then, they put me in the Cardiac Care unit for testing and observation. In the last two days I have learned how close to the edge I have been living, even though I have always been careful to eat natural foods and what I thought was a balanced diet.

I had been monitoring my health by my physical strength and the general lack of aches and pains. I am now aware that this approach can be a trap. I had shoveled 5 tons of gravel with no discomfort just days before my first heart attack, so I had no physical warning of the impending disaster.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to discover what blockage exists and to hopefully find a resolution of the problem.

I have already resolved to develop a healthier lifestyle. It is my big New Year's resolution for 2009.

If you are experiencing any chest pains, you might want to make sure they are not serious. They can be permanently damaging.

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0 Responses to What you don’t know about your health may kill you

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope you are able to get out of that hospital soon.

  2. Mike Duffy says:

    Best wishes for your complete and quick recovery, David. I enjoy your posting (even in the midst of a health crisis).

  3. Sean Pecor says:

    You’re in our thoughts, my friend. Keep us posted on your progress!

  4. Kerri says:

    David, I read your blog often but do not comment. I had to comment today. Something very similar happened to my father (age 85)on the 23rd of December. He spent Christams Eve, Day, and the following two days at Roanoke Memorial Hosptial in the Progressive Care Unit – 9 South. This was his first time at Roanoke Memorial, and they treated him wonderfully!!

    I will be praying that you have a full and speedy recovery! Best Wishes!

  5. Nancy says:

    David, I’m so thankful to learn you are on the mend and still with us! Feel better soon!

  6. David:

    Take care and get better. Our prayers are with you and Gretchen.

  7. Sorry to hear, David, but I am wishing you a speedy “resolution.”

  8. Liska says:

    We’re thinking about you, hope all goes well and you get home soon.

  9. Myke says:

    Hope you get well soon.

  10. mattbg says:

    David, it sounds like it came as a surprise to you. I hope you recover wholly and quickly.

  11. Jason says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  12. colleen says:

    Take care of yourself, David and come home soon.

  13. Linda says:

    Best wishes for a simple and speedy recovery. Thanks for the advice.

  14. susan says:

    Oh David–what a way to start the new year! Sounds like you might need a valve job but I’m so very glad that you heeded the warning in time to prevent a major attack. I’ll be thinking of you and saying a little prayer that all works out well.

  15. Marti says:

    Oh my! I’m so glad you are stable, and I hope you will have a complete recovery. You will be in my prayers.

  16. WDF says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery … and glad to hear you found what you did before it got worse.

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