Sarah Palin and John McCain visit Colorado Springs

McCain-Palin campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado on September 6, 2008 (AP Photo)

From this AP photo it appears that John McCain and Sarah Palin had a bigger audience in Colorado Springs that they did in the Republican Convention. This kind of exposure presents an interesting challenge.

The good news: Campaigning in the Internet age provides a wider audience than ever before in history.

The bad news: Such mass exposure
raises the bar on every appearance. Once a point has been made in a
major speech, it must be augmented with new material for the next
appearance because much of the audience may have already heard it

Listen to Sarah Palin and John McCain speak in this video and you
will immediately be aware of what is new and what you have already

When someone drives a point home effectively, it is time to move
on to issues not covered previously. Otherwise, as in my case, it becomes a
matter of, "OK, I heard that before and I got it. What else do you have
to tell me?"

What I noticed and liked was the mutual respect between them. Palin
and McCain split the speaking time. Sarah spoke first, warming up the
crowd. She makes a fantastic impression on people and I can see that
she could be a great inspiration for young women everywhere.

McCain’s speech was well received but his comments on energy
generated the most positive reaction. I think Beldar is right when he
suggests that McCain and Palin should the change their campaign slogan
to: "McCain-Palin: New Energy for America."

Watch Sarah and John speak in this Colorado Springs Gazette video and decide for yourself.

Hat tip to the Presto Pundit and Beldar

I plan on covering Obama’s appearances as well as the McCain-Palin appearances. I think there is a lot to be learned in this campaign and will try to identify what I find most encouraging from each viewpoint.

As a long-time Independent voter, I welcome the fact that this election may produce real change in government. I would only hope that the changes bring us to a more centrist operating basis where people can work out their destinies with fewer government restrictions.

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