Why You Have To Cause Desirable Effects In Society – Life Force Series 5

I have a friend who has been creating desirable effects at a distance for some time and when he showed me his simple process, I realized almost any sufficiently aware person could read his process and create effects at a distance that could wreak havoc on their mental state and their physical health if they did not have the essential information on why you must only create desirable effects.

Creating effects at a distance is advanced material. Do not attempt to use it until you have mastered the exercises in Life Force Series 4, Causing Desirable Effects At A Distance. Until you realize what results creating effects at a distance can produce, giving you this information is like handing you material you can use to destroy yourself.

WARNING – Creating anything other than desirable effects at a distance in society will result in permanent damage to you and your life force.

Every revolution and every fall of an empire came from creating damaging effects at a distance.

When your actions create negative effects on a distant group, whether on purpose or through stupidity, that group will eventually mobilize and take steps to destroy you.

When you create desirable effects at a distance in a group or individual, that individual or group will experience an increase in their life forces and they will be aware of the source of that increase.

You can create desirable effects at a distance with physical universe communication or directly with remote viewing and telepathic communication. You can create effects with telepathic communication even when you are not aware you are doing it!

If you are nursing a grudge and thinking hate thoughts about someone, those intentions are impinging on that target and will be affecting the life force of the target. If enough of you decide to hate someone, it will affect their stability and their life force. Their health will suffer and they will make mistakes which would have not happened if they had not done whatever they did to make you hate them.

Just in case, you think this might possibly be a wonderful sci-fi weapon, let me assure you that hating someone sticks your attention on them and lessens your life force. It is one of these weapons which destroys the target and the shooter. Your intention to destroy someone will eventually have an effect on them and it will have a permanent effect on you and your life force. If you are happy plunging down the dwindling spiral of life, this is one way to accomplish it. You become smaller and more ineffectual every lifetime until you end up as a spy or media person with a mission to destroy any person who becomes successful.

By directing your efforts to causing desirable effects at a distance in society you can eventually transform society with no harm to yourself or your supporters.

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