Do Not Let Covid Keep You From Getting Counseling

I have been delivering counseling sessions to people suffering from Covid and have been obtaining unexpected relief because Covid is an extremely restimulative disease. Somehow it seems to trigger old memories of plague or group disasters in the people, including myself who have been suffering from Covid and the aftermath, Long Covid.

My sessions for Covid sufferers have been relatively short and to the point because the clients were weakened by the Covid or the Long Covid. We found that once the clusters of beings triggered by Covid were contacted and were directed to the incident that was in restimulation, they would start getting relief immediately.

Those of you who are experienced in giving yourself solo sessions might want to check for beings triggered by Covid and see if you can get them to let go of the earlier incident. Let them know they are immortal and should come to present time. Send them to a beach or other pleasant spot to ponder about life and what they are going to do next.

Handle them gently as you are just trying to wake them up and get them out of the memories that Covid has stirred up. Stop at the first sign of relief and let the client sleep if they wish. You will find that a few sessions will be all that is needed to start someone on the road to recovery.

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