Strange Things Are Happening Now That I Am Really Looking At Life Forces

Now that I have written and tested exercises about spotting and estimating Life Forces, I find my awareness of life forces has changed for the better.

It seems that I have had an ability which was on idle since I moved into this body and now it has kicked into gear and I am being made aware of life forces in a completely different way.

For example, I have a cat who has attached herself to me for the past few years and follows me from room to room. She has always wanted to be near me, but has resisted being affectionate.

I was monitoring her life force when she joined me this morning and I found myself stroking her while monitoring her life force. Somehow, I knew just how to stroke her to increase her life force and she started purring like she never had before. I was using her life force indicators to know exactly where and how to stroke her. She kept purring louder and louder and finally got up and moved away.

I realized I had increased her life force to the point she had to get up and move. There was too much life force for her to lie still anymore. I started to think about what happens when you have more life force than the body can hold comfortably. You have to move and go out and find some way to burn off the excess energy.

When I was in my physical prime, I felt I had to go sailing or skiing depending on the season every possible weekend because I had so much energy and a sedentary job. As a kid, I was always outside riding my bike or camping to burn off excess energy. When I look at healthy babies, they seem to be in perpetual motion because they have too much life force to stay still.

I always had so much life force that I took it for granted and when I was sick, which was not often, I was a completely different person. I never spent much time worrying about my life fore because it was always there when I needed it.

Now that I am 88 years old, the flow of life force is not automatic and I am acutely aware when it waxes and wanes. It is now important for me to be able to crank it up when I need it and I find my new exercises are really helping.

For those of you who are not as alive as you used to be, doing the exercises in my practical life force handbook might be a good idea. If enough of you start using the handbook and sharing wins and suggestions for new exercises, we may see a resurgence in people becoming happier and more alive.

I think that would be a good thing.

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