More Discoveries About Life Force 8-7-22

Life Force

I mentioned recently that it appeared I could only perceive life forces in people I could see or life forces within my body. I am happy to say that it is possible to perceive the life force of people you are closely connected to even if they are at a great distance.

I have not yet figured out how this perception is related to telepathic communication, but I suddenly realized that I can sense the life force of people I care about and other people I am connected with in some way, no matter where they are.

It is like we are all connected in some sort of psychic “Medinet” and can be aware of how others are doing just by thinking of them.

I am sure that there are many of you with the same ability and some of you are probably using it to keep track of friends and relatives without even realizing it. I am relating my experience to encourage you to validate and use your ability to help others you care about.

There are often confirming signs of diminishing life force. You will be corresponding with someone who is experiencing problems in life or with their health and they gradually drop out of communication. When you attempt to keep up the communication in a caring way, they are slower and slower to answer and eventually stop responding.

I have had a few clients go out of communication in this way and when I was finally able to reach them I found they were in the final stages of succumbing to an environmental situation that was overwhelming them. If I had recognized that I was perceiving their diminishing life force, I could have given them more effective emotional support to make their departure easier.

We are immortal beings and there comes a time when we transition from a human experience to an entirely spiritual experience. Those of us who can perceive life force and its changes can make that transition easier if we stay in communication with the person who is shutting down their human experience.

On the other hand, if we can perceive life force and see a friend failing to protect their life force by patiently enduring a life or work situation that drains them of life, we can work with them in a caring way to alleviate their situation and get them on a more survival path again.

There is no rule that you have to help everyone, but if you notice someone going down and restrain yourself from helping you will be paying for that omission for many lifetimes. Failing to help when you could is very destructive to your spiritual well-being and probably is the cause of lessening perceptions in future lifetimes. Increased perception brings on a higher level of responsibility. A lessening of perception and awareness reduces your level of responsibility.

If you can perceive life force and try to help someone in trouble, they may not accept your help. In that case, you will not suffer from your failure to help as long as you treat the situation as a learning experience. Your abilities will continue to increase and you will be more effective next time.

The next step in our spiritual evolution is to learn how to increase someone else’s life force and do it so well that it is a natural skill.

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