A Radical Idea To Ponder and Solve In 2023

Maybe our descent into physical fragility and mental incoherence as we age is more of a spiritual problem rather than a physical problem. I had a recent experience that gave me an entirely new view of this issue and I realized for the first time that my current physical and mental state was more malleable than I ever thought possible. What if there was an easily tested way to see if aging can be made less obvious?

As we age, we pick up physical and emotional injuries that affect us permanently but the decline is so gradual in most cases that we attribute our lessening of skill and mental acuity to old age and not some other insidious factor. We keep accumulating damage and thus adapt our lives to lessening ability and mental incapacity and inability to focus. We generally do not consider the idea we may be accumulating disembodied spiritual companions who are looking for a safe haven to hide from discovery.

At the age of 88, I have been able to continue working and writing, and generating income, while still enjoying life at a leisurely pace. I was quite aware of increasing forgetfulness and a desire for more sleep and shorter working hours, but I considered these the proper state at this point in life.

A recent incident while doing research on images caused me to suddenly experience every indication of advanced old age. The effect on me was remarkable as I was barely able to control my body and I could not control my thinking at all! I could not maintain my balance and I was besieged by a blizzard of unrelated thoughts to the point where I could barely hold onto consciousness. I felt and acted as if I were many years older. I actually felt like the guy at the right end of the aging image until I discovered I had picked up a group of disturbed spirits.

Looking at it afterward, I felt and acted like a very old man who had lost his grip on reality and was no longer able to care for himself physically. I felt and acted like I had aged another 20 years during the time of this extreme upset. I could not walk nor could I think straight. I was extremely feeble and essentially incoherent. The cause was entirely spiritual and had no physical universe cause.

After some SRT solo sessions to handle my condition, I was back operating in the present time and was able to deliver a counseling session the next day with no problem. I felt like my old self again! This episode which created every evidence of sudden old age made me look at the older people I know and look at them with a new view of what is causing their fragile appearance and rambling forgetfulness. It made me remember how clients I had been counseling near the end of their lives would occasionally seem to take on different personalities as they went into their final decline.

I have a strong feeling that an untrained person does not recognize the effect of troubled spirits encroaching on their lives and they gradually go into agreement with the idea that they are losing control and should consider shutting down and departing the body for activities elsewhere.

Once the person’s spirit gives up the battle for survival, other spirits can occasionally try to keep the show going but they don’t seem to have what it takes to fully animate the body and they give themselves away when they do not remember the living relatives who are attending them at the end. These relatives sense that grandma is no longer herself and this increases their feeling of loss. Once a person gives up on life, the spirits who were attracted to their energy leave for more interesting locations.

This explains why angry old people often live longer in rest homes. They attract angry spirits who operate at a higher energy level than spirits who are stuck in a tone of sympathy or despair. Their anger and higher energy level keep the person alive longer. They are all still trying to get even with life for failing them.

I think this is an area my older clients and followers should investigate. You could even match your vitality against someone who is not interested in spiritual matters but is your match mentally and physically. If you maintain a regime of daily SRT sessions and see how you age vs how the other person ages, I think you will be surprised at how quickly you begin to see a difference in your apparent aging.

My radical proposition is that you may be able to extend your age and usefulness through regular solo SRT sessions and SRT counseling when required. If you have happy and effective spirits helping you in life, I think that life will be much more interesting and your body will be healthier.

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