A Belated Realization

My interest in applying Spiritual Rescue Technology is focused primarily on saving ourselves as spirits and only secondarily on saving our roles as human beings. I started out with only a human viewpoint, striving to be the best possible counselor I could be. As I talked with more and more spirits, my immortality became more real to me and my long history as a spirit became as real as my current lifetime as a human being.

I have the feeling that concentrating on being the best human I can be is like putting bandaids on a crashed spaceship. These bandaids may keep the hull safe from intruders, but they will never make the ship fly again.

We are here being humans because we made a few mistakes along the way. It appears we used power to solve problems instead of reason and we counter-created those who opposed us instead of looking for ways to co-create with them. As a result, we created problems that we still have attention on, and that attention reduced the life force we had to meet future situations. People and beings with their attention fixed rigidly on the past have less attention left to create a desirable future. As a result, they make mistakes and errors in judgment and create new problems that need to be solved. If you are an immortal being operating in this mode, you end up here looking like this spaceship and it might be a good time to look at new approaches to continuing your existence.

I want to use my knowledge to help people stay healthy and sane, but I feel the real challenge is to regain the abilities we have lost and that takes a new approach to spiritual counseling. Spiritual Rescue Technology has been very successful in freeing spirits from their past problems with caring communication and making bodies healthier in the process.

I feel that a new discipline which I am calling Spiritual Engineering can come up with solutions to the long-term spiritual problems which have reduced us to our present state. We are beginning to cope now, better than before, but it is time to come up with solutions to our long-term decline in power and abilities. Those of you who have managed to put your human lives in order may welcome a greater challenge of restoring our spiritual capacities to the states they were in some long time ago.

This will be a long-term project but will give you something to do when you are tired of the endless game of picking up bodies and playing new parts every 60-80 years. If you are interested, you can email me at srtcounseling@gmail for further details.

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