Are You Wearing Blinders To Protect You From Reality?

Horse blinders were invented to keep horses from shying from distractions. There are people in some working environments who wear a form of horse blinder to keep them from being distracted in an open work environment. There are many more people who wear invisible blinders to protect them from being distracted by activities that challenge their reality. If you have resigned yourself to a life of patient suffering and endless worry, you may not desire to be distracted by promises of immortality and endless reincarnations. In that case, you can shut off any consideration that there might be higher states of existence by ignoring the possibility of rekindling your spiritual powers. Just create the equivalent of one of these handy horse blinders.

Reality is not necessarily painful, but it is certainly challenging. If you were to consider that you are a spiritual being who picks up a human body to play the game of being human every 75 years or so, you might have a different viewpoint on your choice of careers or relationships. You might have a more relaxed view of who you would be willing to work for or marry and your choices might reflect a desire to gain more control over your existence rather than to experience immediate pleasure.

One of the ways a person gains awareness of their real capabilities is to become friends with the spirits that accompany them through life. Something simple, like daily meditation accompanied by solo sessions with the spirits who are willing to share ideas with you, will increase your awareness of your own life force and the life forces that surround you. When you realize that you and your accompanying spirits are living thoughts with the ability to help each other create a future existence, you may start examining your past and the pasts of your spiritual teammates to create a future that enables all of you to regain the power and perceptions you have lost on the long, long road downward from godhood.

Recovery of self starts with finding others with similar goals and co-creating an existence that supports and protects you while discovering your abilities and freeing you all from the painful mistakes of the past. Contrary to what you might think, recovery of self is not an individual activity. Our descent from a godlike state of unrestrained creativity was caused by our failure to find out what others needed and wanted before we presented our creations to them. Every time we solved problems by force or helped others in ways they could not accept, we ended up with them counter-creating against us and that situation persisted as an eternal problem and captured our attention and our life force with it. Every problem that has persisted has captured some of our life force and diminished our power accordingly.

Many of the spirits who surround you have goals similar to yours which may be the reason they were attracted to you. The insights and ideas that have popped into your mind out of nowhere came from spirits who were trying to help you. If you think of these spirits as a potential spiritual family, instead of threatening strangers, you will start getting positive feedback immediately. Your morning meditations will start producing positive results when your spiritual teammates consider themselves family and begin to support and protect each other and you as a unified team.

Your first sign that you are expanding instead of contracting as a spirit will be the return of perceptions you have not seen in this lifetime. Once you notice these perceptions, continue to expand by staying in communication with your spirits and letting them know what you need and want while you find out what they need and want. Co-creating a future is easier when you do this.

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