It’s OK To Ask For Help When You Run Out Of Ideas

It is entirely OK to assume control of your life and make all the decisions you need to succeed. If you are managing things well enough that your outlook is favorable, you do not need anyone else’s approval. If you have come to the end of your rope and you are desperate for a solution, it is entirely appropriate that you ask someone else for help.

There are a few people who feel they can work out their own destiny no matter how badly they have screwed up in the past. These people can recognize the presence of godly spiritual beings but prefer to muddle their way through their confusions and are determined to take full responsibility for their actions, good or bad. These people tend not to be followers and are willing to break new ground if it suits their needs. These people find that Spiritual Rescue Technology is an appropriate tool for making changes that break a lot of conventional ideas about life. Their path to understanding is not easy or smooth, but they continue to gain awareness with every situation they handle using SRT.

There are others who are aware of spirits but have been indoctrinated to ask higher-level beings for help in everyday activities as well as in emergencies. They consider these higher-level beings as gods, angels, or possibly saints. Many of these people who routinely ask higher-level beings for help live exemplary lives and are a credit to their families and their communities. They are often used as examples of people living a life of grace and charity. They do not think of themselves as following instructions from others in all things, but they don’t have to take responsibility for what they do if they follow the instructions they get from higher-level beings. When something happens that falls beyond the scope of their instructions, they do not take the initiative to find solutions, instead, they will ask for help from their spiritual advisors.

If the spiritual advisors have knowledge that encompasses what these people are experiencing, they will provide answers that will resolve the problem. Spiritual advisors are not generally omnipotent, although they can be extraordinarily wise beings there will be areas of knowledge that are unknown to them. They can also have opinions about spiritual matters that are based on past experiences and these opinions will be passed on to those who seek their advice. Those who depend on spiritual guidance for direction, do not question the advice they are given and as a result, they may take actions that are not optimum based on current realities. In addition, a person who is dependent on spiritual guidance from an angel will not expect to improvise when they get results that are unexpected.

The problem, as I see it, is a matter of misidentification. The person prays for help to the angel Michael, Ridwan, Malik, Lucifer, or Gabriel, and a helpful, higher-level being answers. There are tens of thousands of beings who are willing to help a person in need and some of them are higher level than others. If a person wishes to assign divinity to the spirit who is willing to help them, it does not lessen the value of that help. It only serves to make the person feel that they are getting help from a recognized source. By identifying a spirit as a divine being the person requesting help is putting the spirit’s motives beyond question and the advice provided as heaven-sent, therefore beyond any cause for doubt.

Spirits do help us in many ways, and I can testify to the value of their advice and suggestions. I use their assistance daily and could not produce a fraction of the amount of work without their assistance. At the same time, I recognize that they are spirits like myself with long histories of successes and failures and their assistance can be colored by their past failures which still hold their attention. If I find a spirit acting to negate some action I feel is necessary, I make a point of finding why they are opposing my intentions. If I can agree with their reasoning, I will take their recommendations. If I find they are using inapplicable data from the distant past, I will help them sort that out and will continue as planned.

The important point I want to make is that spirits can provide useful advice as they have millions of years of experience, but I find that it is necessary to review their reasoning at times if their advice does not make sense in today’s world. So, it is OK to ask for help when you run out of ideas. You just need to make sure the help you are getting is useful. For that to happen, you must take responsibility for your actions and your results and not leave the matter up to some other spirits. In other words, trust, but verify.

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