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The joys of working at home

We are finally experiencing a decent snowstorm. The schools are closed. Many roads are impassable except for 4WD drive vehicles and even those proceed with great caution. Those of us who commute on foot with a coffee cup in hand … Continue reading

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A moment for reflection

We were driving home the other night and were treated to a spectacular display of color from an oncoming thunderstorm. I can remember when weather like this would have elicited a sigh or even a grumble because it would have … Continue reading

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21st Century Sweatshop


In the 21st century, you can easily put in a grueling 10 hour work day without ever leaving your home. Sometimes the biggest problem is pacing yourself. You can get involved in solving a knotty design problem and work non-stop for hours on end. Interruptions are few and they come mostly from four-footed members of the family who are checking if its time to be fed again.

The availability of fresh air and sunshine does wonders for my peace of mind and my morale. Under these conditions I am able to produce more work for my clients now than I ever could in a cubicle farm or even in my own private corporate office.

At the same time, I can find time to have coffee with friends or clients on a moments notice, if I want to.

I make sure that I spend at least 20% of my time marketing my services or thinking up new services to exchange for income. The absence of forced commuting gives me two to three hours of extra time every day for work, study or relaxation.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I have no corporate safety net, no corporate insurance, but I don’t have layers of inert or timid management to placate either.

When I was employed, even though I considered myself a top performer in
my particular area, I worried constantly about corporate changes that
would result in loss of income. The biggest discovery on leaving the
corporate world was realizing how illusory the corporate safety
actually was.

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