When thoughts wander…


We looked out at this surreal scene this morning and my first thought was "That’s what the inside of my head feels like!

Gretchen was not amused. After caring for me during my five days of illness, she succumbed today and is down with a fever.

We have been doing our best to stay focused these last several days, but it is really getting to be a chore.

After taking this shot, I managed to split and stack enough firewood to carry us through the next few days and then slept for a few hours until I felt ready to tackle paying bills and other chores.

By then Gretchen was rested enough to spend a few hours in a phone conference.

We spent the rest of the day alternating between sleeping and trying to keep our lives on schedule. This is hard to do because we find our thoughts wandering and we keep checking with each other to make sure that chores are really done.

"Did I take my medicine?"

"I’m not sure."


I know we are not alone in this effort to get through illness, but we are trying to
avoid contact with people until we can be sure that we will not be sharing whatever it is that we have. Our neighboring friends have offered to help us several times and we really appreciate it, but this is one of the few times I’ve felt it would be an unkindness to expose them to this debilitating and distracting illness.

Later in the afternoon, the rain started and has continued for about 8 hours. My hope is that all will be gone by the weekend and we can enjoy some quiet time in the sun on our back deck.

We hope that you are holding up through these stormy days of early Spring and that we can all get out soon to enjoy some good weather.

To get the full effect of what it felt like looking out into our back yard, please continue reading past the jump.


The persisting impression is that we are in an underwater dream sequence. Click on the image to get a larger view.

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  1. They say misery loves company. Perhaps, but during my recent ten-rounder with The Virus, I had no longing whatsoever for the company of men. That said, when I learned of your illness, I found myself most empathetic. The apparent kinship was borne, I believe, not from shared discomfort, but from our regular exchanges and mutual respect. Call it the power of the internet to truly connect those who would not otherwise have crossed paths.

    Reading your description, it is clear that our ailments were not precisely alike; at least I was not encumbered by a heavy fog, my head having been all too aware of its circumstances. What we did share, though, is that the sickness filled our home, seized all its occupants and, like the worst of company, lingered well beyond the point of politeness.

    I would agree with your observation that while people working in an office almost certainly have back-up should they fall ill, those working independently at home are stuck to struggle alone to meet unaccommodating deadlines. True, you can lose yourself in a crowd, but you can also lose yourself and your burdens to it. An independent contractor has no such luxury. Deadlines have no sympathy. Time takes no prisoners.

    Anyway, I thank you for your best wishes and hope that you and Gretchen have, by now, fully recovered as well. It is, indeed, “a nuinzenza to have the fluenza”.

    Best regards,


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