Your ideal scene for success in 2007

Ideal scenes are better than New Year’s resolutions because they act as self-fulfilling prophecies when written correctly.

An ideal scene is a carefully written description of your future activity and it must be written as though it is already happening. It is not a wish list. It is a description of events that you are willing to make happen.

When written correctly, they may cause changes in your life in a matter of days. I have found that the speed with which an ideal scene manifests itself depends to a great extent on how many others you have considered in describing your ideal scene.

Very Important Notes:

1. Achievement of your ideal scene depends on the intentions of those involved. If your ideal scene promotes the survival of a group or an organization, you are much more likely to get agreement in making it happen.

2. These ideal scenes align intentions, yours and others, and actually create a future. Start writing about those things you are certain you can make happen. For example:

If you are desperate to find a new job, you write, "I network constantly until I find a new job."

Note that the activity is one that you can make happen. It does not depend on luck or on secret knowledge.

If you don’t have clue about networking, you download my book and read it. Then, you would write your ideal scene this way:

"I figure out how to network effectively by reading Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day and I network until I find the right job for me.

I have written more about this before. See my earlier post for complete details.

Some random items from my personal ideal scene may give you some ideas of your own. As you can see, some of these activities require resources and information I do not have yet, so the description includes acquiring the  resources.

I figure out how to build a series of interlinked websites that attract visitors and produce significant advertising income.

Our use of credit cards is limited to a portable substitute for cash on a monthly basis. All cards are paid off every month.

We work out individual exercise and diet programs to keep us fit and healthy.

I work out a way to publish more books in 2007 and make them creative and financial successes.

We find a way to construct a carport, or carports, to protect all of our vehicles from winter weather.

I find a way to obtain a lawn tractor.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year…

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  1. Nick Smith says:

    A hat tip from me to you and your readers success in 2007 David.

    Maybe easier than ‘work out’ or ‘find a way’ is to recognise we are Are the way – sort of ‘be open to receive’ instead of plan.

    More fun to sit on back and watch it all unfold before us, me thinks. 🙂

  2. You touch upon an interesting point. Some feel that passively relying on fate or a deity is the way to achieve bliss. It certainly gives you an easy out when nothing happens. 🙂

    I feel that taking responsibility for one’s future is the best way to recognize that “we are the way”.

    Intention is the driving force in creating any future. If your intention is to wait for something interesting to happen, that’s the future you will get.

    If you intend that you will take the actions necessary to pull in a new client or business opportunity, that is quite likely to happen.

    One more point. If your intention is that something will happen, but you have reservations on the result, don’t be surprised at the final result. (As in: “I’ll go to the conference, but probably nothing will happen!”)

    You will go to the conference…and nothing will happen. Be very careful what you intend!

  3. Nick Smith says:

    Maybe a poor choice of words there on my part David.
    My intent is simply to wish you ease and happiness in all your doings.
    Best wishes

  4. Sean Pecor says:

    My ideal scenes change with such rapidity that I avoid writing them down. I discuss goals with Nancy and I also have ongoing “discussions” with myself daily on what the daily course of action should be given my abstract notion of long term objectives. I do try to keep those long term objectives abstract; it imparts a greater degree of adventure and enjoyment, not quite knowing what’s hidden under the next milestone.

    When Nick says sit back and watch it unfold, I’m not sure he means always to the exclusion of taking part in the unfolding process 🙂 However, I’m an idealist, so I’m most often looking at things and envisioning how to affect what I judge to be a positive change. That usually precludes sitting back and watching it unfold; unless of course it’s to watch the evolution of something that I myself have set in motion 🙂

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