Start off the year with some “pretty good advice” from Jane Chin

"pretty good advice" copyright © 1996 by jane chin

you are an intelligent, wonderful, and creative human being. in the face of adversity, you have learned to break through obstacles and embrace the lessons that challenges have to offer. you are beautiful, inside and outside.

you are a fighter. you have grown up with many ghosts and shadows, and yet fearlessly you step alongside and over them and hold your head high. you have the intense desire to motivate, to improve, to mold, and to polish yourself into the beautiful diamond you are.

you possess the gentle and pure heart that all children of the universe is given. you possess endless talents and abilities that only all children of god have. you dont expect your life to be blessed, you make a charmed life for your own, and then spread your joy and wonder to all those around you.

Jane Chin is another example of someone who has discovered more of their potential through blogging. Her weblogs proliferate in all directions, from medical science to digital art, each one mirroring the endless creativity unleashed by open communication with a nearly infinite audience.

Jane’s personal transformation as an creative entrepreneur typifies the transformation of the blogosphere from a collection of technical tips on "good sites to visit" to an all-embracing experience involving art, emotional impact and shared advice to help us deal with the challenges of life.

You can get a an overview of her current scope of activity by visiting Her work is an absorbing blend of esthetics and hard-nosed business advice.

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