Want uncomplicated answers to tough job-related questions?

Several readers have asked career-related questions on this weblog which I could not answer appropriately because I did not have a forum set up for adequate discussion of these sensitive topics.

I have now set up a discussion section on my Danger Quicksand weblog called Questions about your career?

This career question post will float at the top of the posts until I see enough traffic to warrant setting up a moderated forum on a broader series of topics.

Since this is a sensitive area of discussion, your questions and comments can be anonymous and I will answer them appropriately.Take this opportunity to ask any question you want about your boss, your job prospects, even your relationships at work.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted of course.

Go to Questions about your career? and post your questions in the comment section and I will give them my best shot.

I may be able to give you the answer you have been looking for.

I will also answer your emails, offline of course, unless you want them to be published.

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