Everything you always wanted to know…

That’s the title of Ed Biggar’s extraordinary glass version of the Tree of Knowledge which is illuminated with xenon, argon, neon, and mercury. The partially eaten apple at the base of the tree is real and is replaced every few days.

Ed Biggar, internationally reknown glassworker, is just one of the many artists exhibiting at the Second Annual Instructor’s exhibit at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd.

Ed has been creating illuminated artworks since the early 1990s. He has taught and exhibited all over the world and is the recipient of innumerable awards for work in neon, flameworking, sculpture and mixed media.

Ed and his wife Martha operate the Artworks Studio in Chilhowie, VA. He also serves as an instructor, technical consultant, and freelance writer for "The Flow" and "Glass Craftsman" magazines. 

You can learn flameworking and other glassworking techniques from Ed at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd. Check out the 2006 class schedule for the course of your choice.

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  1. donta says:

    david, how about…
    suggestion… you have plenty of experience and willing to converse and give advice…
    maybe you conside, openning a chat or forum in your website for people to talk with you.

    your reader.

  2. Donta,

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    See my next post for an introduction to a new forum called “Questions about your career?”.

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