Another Friday Night in Floyd

It has been a busy week. I have been doing some volunteer business consulting for a local organization, Gretchen is painting watercolors, and we seem to be moving into a new pattern of post-corporate living.

My workshop is ready for extensive use and I need to produce a variety of items for local craft markets as well as handling a small backlog for friends.

Life is almost settling down to a predictable routine of working at home with occasional trips to Floyd and Christiansburg while blogging at night.

We ended our work week by dining at Oddfellas Cantina, where Natasha has come up with an entirely new menu. We selected Spring Chicken and it was delicious.

Little Diva and the G-Strings entertained us with a lot of my Jazz favorites: "Do I love you?", "Skylark", "Unchain My heart", Our Love is Here to Stay".

Sally Walker is the Little Diva, Chris Prokosh on bass and Flip Shoemaker on the guitar are the G-Strings. Tasteful, tasteful sounds to go with excellent food. One could go far to find a more pleasant way to spend a Friday evening with your significant other.

The nicest part of dining in Floyd is that you are surrounded by people you know or would like to know. Dennis Ross and his wife Suzie certainly fall in that category.


Pathologist Dennis Ross and his wife Suzie are celebrating his transition from Pathologist to artisan/bowl-turner. Dennis took up wood-turning three years ago, as a diversion and has been working diligently to develop his skills.

Now that he is retired* he is not wasting any time. He is leaving tomorrow to  attend a class in advanced bowl turning at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

He is already preparing his tools for the trip. He tells me that the answer to the first three questions you ask at this kind of school are answered with, "Sharpen your tools!"

Suzie is a photographer, but will be doing a woodworking course at the John C Campbell School.

We wish Dennis and Suzie well. They should have some interesting stories to share on their return.

*Dennis has retired from his practice at Forsyth Hospital near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but he will continue to teach Pathology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem and is currently working on the 4th revision of his textbook, "Introduction to Molecular Medicine."

Hope you all have a happy weekend and something to celebrate.

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