Spring is here…Arrrgh!

It’s time for more upheavals…

The numbing influence of winter is fading and things are beginning to move again. While Nature is busy pushing flowers up out of the ground, employers are looking at quarterly results and preparing for a reduction in force. Unhappily coupled couples begin to show signs of restlessness or resentment. People seem to be trying to break out of the rut they are in.

Is it the weather? Possibly! Perhaps it is the fact that Nature is going through another orgiastic growth spurt and we are stuck in a situation that has no pleasure in sight.

It takes a cool head to avoid blaming others for the bind we find ourselves in. It’s ever so much easier to throw over the traces and leave for greener pastures than it is to look at what we did to get ourselves enmired in the mess we are in today. Unfortunately, if we don’t figure out what we did to get in this mess, we have little chance of avoiding it again.

Whether we are in an unhappy relationship or in a dead-end job, we did something along the way that led us to this very spot. We can escape from this spot, but we will find ourselves back in a similar hellhole before too long – unless we manage to break the chain of mistakes we seem bent on committing.

We may only be guilty of looking for a safe landing spot, as in: If I was only married to Mr/Ms Right, everything would be perfect! Or, I just need a job where they leave me alone to do my work!

Wrong approach! There is no happy ending! It is over as soon as you achieve that particular goal! There is, however, happiness in doing things to achieve a known goal. More happiness, actually, in doing than achieving.

If you are in a job or relationship that is causing you pain, you need to take charge of your life and make some changes before things get worse. If you want to wait a few more years, go right ahead. Things will get worse, because you aren’t doing anything to make things better.

Waiting patiently for your boss to wake up or your spouse to wake up is not going to get you anywhere. You have to gather your courage in both hands and start making changes. It won’t be easy at first, but it will get easier as you get more determined. Eventually you will become determined enough that you are willing to walk out if you do not see changes occurring.

Perhaps that will put you in control of the situation where you weren’t before. Perhaps your determination will finally reveal what hidden agendas you are facing. Either way, you will have more information than you do now and you will be better equipped to make a sane decision to better your life.

People that hide things from you are putting you at risk. Stop associating with them and your life will get simpler and

When you do break out of your current situation, make sure that your new boss or significant other actually communicates with you and allows you to communicate with them. Communication is the best tool for ensuring that you will be successful in achieving a goal and this will result in more happiness than you might expect.

Wishing you the pleasure and accomplishment that you deserve.

Has anyone else noticed sweeping changes occurring at this time of year? Maybe you have another explanation for it. 🙂

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