coComment – a handy tool for the serious blogger

CoComment allows you to display the comments you make across the blogosphere on your own blog. In one easy step you can show your readers where you’ve been commenting recently. This allows you to multiply the value you create on other blogs.

As a serious blogger, you often put as much care into composing comments left on other blogs as you put into composing your own posts. Until now there was no way to capture those flights of inspiration except by recreating them as posts on your own blog.

coComment allows you to capture the best of your comments left elsewhere and enables you to share them with your readers in a fully configurable display. As you can see on the left sidebar, I am able to show snatches of my most recent comments where you can click on them and dig deeper if you care to. This sidebar display is completely customized as to length and number of comments shown.

There are many more levels of this service to explore, but I am very happy with what I am using now. Go to the coComment home page for an idea of what this service might do for you.

The service is still in beta, so you can expect to see frequent changes and occasional interruptions in service, but the people at coComment respond to your emails and are working hard to make this service bulletproof for a wide range of browsers and blogging applications. There was a recent interruption of service, but they got right on it and coComment is working fine now.

Check out their forum to get an idea of how well they handle questions and complaints. They are a hardworking group of people with an important product. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.


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  1. who knows, this may just help me to keep track of my ravings

  2. Neat. I’m posting about this. What a concept! I have to think this will be adopted all over the net. After all, those of us who troll about and place comment after comment, really do lose track. Sometimes, we receive replies and don’t even know it. I’m checking this out. Thanks, David.

  3. One important point I didn’t mention.

    You can pick and choose which comments you track, so your less serious (or insane) comments can be fired off without having them show up on your website.

    You should also be able to capture comments you leave on early posts on your own site.

  4. Congratulations on joining the coComment club. I have been very impressed with this service and it has made my commenting life much easier.

  5. Ric says:

    I love it – anyone who checks my blog knows I spend more time on other people’s blogs, but at least my comments there give my page some ‘new’ content. If you forget to ‘co-comment’, or change your mind later about NOT doing it, you can go back to the comment, highlight the text, click the bookmarklet – and even old comments get co-commented!

  6. Ric says:

    Oh – forgot … at the moment the service will only harvest related comments from others if THEY are also ‘co-commentors’, but Laurent & Co are working on being able to pick up ALL related comments.

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