Embracing change and other thoughts for the new year

You can resist change or embrace it. Nothing remains exactly as it was yesterday.

Resisting change puts you at the effect of change. If you choose this
path, you are always fighting vainly to put things back as they were.
Sorry, but that is not an option. This effort to stop leads only to

If you wholeheartedly embrace change, your attention is on managing the
change or on creating changes that you consider desirable. Like sailing
against the wind by tacking, you can achieve forward motion for
yourself even when changes occur which might seem to oppose you.

Strive for the simplest answers. These will generally produce the best
results. Complicated answers rise out of a lack of ability to confront

Strive for honest, personal, and compassionate communication in all
that you do. It will make life easier than you can possibly imagine.

Dishonest, impersonal, and callously indifferent communications will do
you in sooner or later. Every disaster you have ever experienced
probably started with one of these.

Make 2006 the best year ever. You owe it to yourself to make changes that will make yourself happier and more productive.

Thank you for visiting this weblog and sharing in my post-corporate
adventures. Come back whenever you get a

Have a Happy New Year!

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