Building/moving to a new home – day 56

We have a buyer for our existing home

This buyer came to the area on a one week visit to purchase a home and wasted no time. We signed a contract yesterday and the closing is scheduled for December 19th. The house was inspected this morning and I have three small chores to do as a result.

One of them is the removal of the cat doors I have so carefully installed. Either the buyer is not a cat person or doesn’t understand the hundreds of hours that are saved when you have cat doors everywhere that a cat is permitted to go. Oh well, that’s someone else’s problem now… 🙂

With the signing of the contract, we are experiencing a major attitude adjustment. We are counting the days until we leave. This house will be ours for 34 more days, but we will have moved out well before that time if all goes well.

We have learned a valuable lesson about construction loans – do them early

Even with willing lenders, it seems to take three times as long as you expect. If we had known how long it would take to get the loan processed, we would have started a lot earlier to make sure we had a bridge loan ready if our current house didn’t sell as quickly as we anticipated.

That would have made it less stressful when the first few offers on our house fell through. (One superbly qualified buyer received notice that he was activated while he was writing up an offer! He was sent overseas within 24 hours!)

Work is going well at the construction site in Floyd – for now

I have negotiated an easement with a neighbor so we can get underground power and phone lines installed. We have to pay for clearing a path from the last power pole, but the laying of the underground electrical and phone services should not be a significant expense. We should see a ditch being dug and cable being laid next week.

The four house modules should be set on the foundation during that same week. Trusses and the roof will be installed in the following days.

A shower is being installed in the workshop this week and the electrical wiring is almost complete. According to my workshop contractor, the workshop will be ready for a rough-in inspection in a few days. When that is done, he will begin installing insulation and interior paneling.

The only cloud on the horizon is the advent of hunting season. We have been told by more than one source that much of the work force in the county  disappears right after Thanksgiving and does not return until hunting season is over.

It is so much of an accepted practice that we were told that deliveries of our stoves would depend on who was still available. This may even affect the speed with which the roof on our house is constructed. We will let you know how it all works out.

Has anyone else seen a slowdown in production because of hunting season? How have you dealt with it?

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