Living with lies – part 1

Lies are a peculiar and degrading contagion. Everyone associated with a lie gets stuck with it and it gradually takes over and destroys your peace of mind, even when it is not your lie.

A lie is the pretense that things are different than what they actually are.

Examples: A corrupt and unfaithful relationship pretends to be true and faithful. A harmful or useless service or product is made out to be beneficial and necessary.

Who has not been put in the position where an acquaintance says, "Don’t tell anyone, but… and they share facts with you that you would rather not know and now may feel compelled to keep secret.

If you succumb to this madness, you will get sucked into the net of those who conceal this lie from others and it will affect everything you say and do, even though it is not your lie to begin with. By agreeing to keep the lie secret, you begin the downward spiral of deceit that eventually destroys your own integrity.

Decent and honorable people are especially prone to falling into this trap. They seem to attract those who would like to appear decent and upstanding, but are basically criminal at heart.

Cheats and lowlifes, whose actions cannot stand scrutiny, like to surround themselves with allies of impeccable character to use as camouflage.

If you are an honorable person, how do you handle the "friend" who says, "Don’t tell anyone, but I am cheating on my husband."

Answers to this and other issues in the next post. Meanwhile, seek to live with the truth and avoid those who don’t.

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