How bad was the drifting snow today?

You can get an idea of the difficulties facing drivers when you see people driving an ATV to get to the food market.

Food shopping

You can get an idea of the difficulties facing drivers in our area when you see someone driving an ATV to buy groceries.

Our trek to the Food Lion in Floyd was a white-knuckle drive at about twenty miles an hour. Our Subaru stayed on the icy road pretty well, but we barely had enough traction to plough through some of the heavier drifts.

Once the drifted snow got deep enough, the car no longer responded to the steering wheel and we fishtailed on through until we got to the other side of the drift.

Less than two miles from the house, the first car we saw was canted down into a ditch. The driver was OK and was waiting for a truck to arrive and tow him out.

Some roads were open, but Franklin Pike was down to a single lane in some places because of the drifting snow. It was especially treacherous because there would be long stretches of road that were fairly clear except for spotty patches of hard-packed snow and then you would suddenly enter an area that was almost blocked by foot-high drifts.

I resisted the temptation to pick up speed on the open stretches and stayed at 20 miles an hour. Even then it was touch and go when cars came at me from the other way and we were both straddling the center line.

The only reason we were able to get out onto the road at all was that our new neighbor John Hale had taken it upon himself to clear all the driveways in our lane. It was a pleasant surprise to see his big John Deere backhoe zipping up and down our driveway even before we had finished our morning coffee. It inspired me to take advantage of his generous act and get into town while we could.

I understand that there are some who have still not been able to get out of their driveways. It is unfortunate that global warming is merely political fiction. We sure could use some of it this winter.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    David: It is “climate change,” not global warming. Extreme summer heat (kept the dogs inside this summer for the first time, ever) and extreme winter cold (keeping the dogs inside, again).

    Nature’s way is to try to balance itself. Unfortunately, the balancing act is extreme on both ends of the spectrum.

    Hopefully, I will be able to drive up to your place soon for picture framing.

  2. Natural systems have a way of maintaining a balance. Our understanding of the systems is far from complete.

    Attempts to interfere with the balancing mechanism by shutting down industry and turning America into a Third World country would be laughable except for the fact that the UN and other Socialist organizations have seized on the Climate Change/Global Warming scam as the vehicle for instituting centralized control of entire economies.

    The “facts” are based on fraudulent data from broken ground stations and a computer model that will generate hockey stick graphs from white noise (random) inputs. We are seeing a return of Piltdown Man science and it was supported by politically driven experts.

    Now, Britain’s Royal Society, the UK’s preeminent scientific body, has joined national science bodies in India and France in validating the views of global warming sceptics.

    Read more:

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