The Droid X could be a game-changer for your business or your personal life

The Droid X is a timesaving gadget for anyone who operates a business in which he has to stay in touch with customers, make appointments, and travel to locations he has not been before. This could be a lifesaver for the busy homemaker who does all of these things and more.
I was reluctant to buy one at first because it seemed too good to be true. Its small size and virtual keyboard seemed like it would be difficult to manage with big fingers and aged eyes.

Once I found that I could use voice control for most of the important functions, that objection melted away. For example, to find comparable prices on a piece of equipment or  toy for Christmas, I only have to tap on an icon marked "TheFind" and dictate what I am looking for. Within seconds, the screen fills with prices for this product from the Internet and local stores.

Once I select the store I want to visit, I can turn on the navigation system and speak the name of the store and a map comes up which guides me to to the exact destination.

In my recent Christmas shopping in Christiansburg, the Droid X guided me from store to store using the most direct routes. When I was browsing in stores, I could even read the bar codes with the Droid X to see if any aother local stores offered comparable prices.

You can think of it as a little tablet computer which is a camera, a navigation system, and a phone. The fact that you can also send and receive emails, instant messages and images makes it a great tool for the busy business owner or housewife on the go.


It is very easy to use the camera function as you always have your phone with you and photo opportunities are constantly appearing, like a visit from blogger/photographer Colleen Redman. I was able to capture her before she could get her camera set up.

When you mount it on the dashboard of your car, it becomes a navigation system equal to almost anything available on the market today. It also functions as a hands-free phone and you can photograph or video what is happening on the road ahead of you.

Within the next few months, larger tablets will appear which will provide more room for viewing images and have bigger keyboards. For someone who carries a shoulder bag or purse, these larger tablets may offer more convenience while still being very portable.

Upcoming versions of these smartphones which have two cameras can be used as video terminals for conference calls and video calls. There are more than 100,000 applications already written for the Droid X and the game has just started.

I feel that the Droid X and the devices to come will create thousands of business opportunities for individuals desiring to set up or improve their own businesses. At the very least, having a device like the Droid X gives a small business owner a competitive advantage over a larger organization which is still using land phones and snail mail to communicate.

You can get the Droid X at Verizon, but it is cheaper to get them from as an upgrade to your current phone contract.

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