In Floyd County, you never know who is going to offer help when you need it

2010-12-15_13-59-52_126 As I get older, I really appreciate the help I get from my friends. I'm pretty handy with computers and cameras and technical stuff, but firewood presents a challenge that is best met with the aid of extra helping hands.

Gretchen and I managed to burn through a huge load of wood in the last few weeks and I was getting worried that the incoming storm would catch me with no firewood in our staging area on the front porch. This staging area holds about a ton and a half of wood and it was really getting low this morning.

Artist John Wade came to my rescue today and we transported and stacked a months supply of firewood in a matter of hours. He drove up from Union School Road to help me out and I will work a trade with him to design an online gallery to showcase his art.

John works in oils and has created some powerful pieces that deserve a wider audience. I have had the pleasure of framing two of his recent pieces and am looking forward to working on more of his work. The top piece is called "Bones" and the bottom one is titled "Packing Out".

Packing out 2 web

He works on several pieces at the same time and his studio home on Union Schol Rd is filled with works in progress. He also paints murals.

When his website is operational, I will post a link so you can see more of his work.

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