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Choose The Most Likely Outcome of the Huma/Weiner Email Security Breach

We are currently watching a spectacular political drama that can have any of a dozen different outcomes. The only thing we can be sure of is that there will be an outcome. I will describe each of the outcomes I … Continue reading

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Truth is an existential threat to the US government, by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD

Reposted from Family Security Matters. I felt this was a well thought out analysis of a situation that is finally getting some needed attention. David St Lawrence Truth is an existential threat to the US government by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD … Continue reading

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German Television does first Edward Snowden Interview (ENGLISH)

This is a powerful video. No wonder the government is trying to block this interview from being seen. I wonder how may other people are willing to put their lives on the line to stop their government from doing criminal … Continue reading

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Original Edward Snowden letter published on A Folha today

I think we will look back on his actions as the turning point in our relationship to our highest elected officials. I hope that I would have the same courage he had when it becomes my turn to speak up. … Continue reading

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