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I Am Extending My Special Counseling Deal

Our economic situation is getting worse, not better, so I am doing my part to prepare my clients to take advantage of any opportunities that may appear. My reason? Economic downturns always produce new opportunities for those who are in … Continue reading

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Online Counseling Opens New Avenues For Your Practice

I was reading a cute story about a hedge witch who relocated from west LA to Globe, Arizona, and how she needed to turn her divination clients over to other mediums in LA because she could not service them any more. The … Continue reading

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Envisioning And Attaining An Ideal Scene

Envision This: An ideal scene is a desirable future. You should be able to envision an ideal scene and be able to attain it by completing real actions that are actually doable. So an ideal scene is something that should … Continue reading

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Understanding Exchange

If you want anything in life you have to figure out how to create an exchange between yourself and someone else. It is really that simple. In order for an exchange to occur, you need to find out what the … Continue reading

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