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People Can Be Hard To Help – Wait For Them to Ask For It First

We just spent the recent weekend talking about not inflicting your current reality on those who might become upset. Less then sixteen hours later, I was presented with a real life example of how this works. I was approached for … Continue reading

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Webinar Video Recording – What Help Would Be Acceptable to you?

This webinar was recorded on Sunday, 6/23/19 and contains many insightful observations about help. If you watch this video, you will find that you are better able to receive help and to help others without suffering losses from those who … Continue reading

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Free Workshop – Saturday 6-22-19 – Understanding Help

You have probably noticed that it is very hard to help some people and when you experience a failure in this regard, it wreaks havoc on your ability to control your life. In this workshop we are going to pool … Continue reading

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Let’s say that you believe that intention is cause. This is reasonably easy to validate and there are even exercises that can prove this to you by bringing your cause level up to a point where you can intend something … Continue reading

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