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Another Conversation With A Facebook Chatbot

We have now entered the era of Facebook Robocalls. Mark Zuckerburg’s elves are busy developing AI systems to sell you things. A recent call is designed to entice you into securing a loan with a finance company. The robocall starts … Continue reading

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My Conversation with one of Mark Zuckerberg’s Chatbots

Facebook now has chatbots pretending to be Marketing Executives. I was writing a letter at 3 am this morning and my Messenger App opened up with a cheery greeting from Karen Smith.  She sent me an image to open the … Continue reading

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Phone spam

Is anyone else being bothered by phone spam? We are having to change some phone numbers in order to shut off the flow of garbage phone calls. Over the past few months, Gretchen and I have noticed a noticeable and … Continue reading

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